Embodiment & Liberation Coach

Located in California, available anywhere via zoom.

I am on the ancestral and unceded land of the Kumeyaay people. I offer my respect and gratitude to the elders, past, present, and future.



I am thrilled you are here. 

Whether you are ready to begin or feeling unsure, 

you are welcome.

What I Do

I guide you in compassionate exploration and courageous liberation. I offer both ancient and modern tools to gently uncover old patterns and integrate trauma, all while falling in love with your physical body and increasing pleasure. I am committed to holding space that is as safe as possible, trauma-informed, grounded, loving, and lighthearted

This usually looks like a zoom call, where we chat a bit, then I guide you on an inner journey - something like a meditation or trance. Your deepest wisdom and brilliance emerges naturally. I do my best to capture it and reflect it back to you. We work together to see how these new insights can weave into your real life and then I offer you playful practices to continue the integration throughout the week. Tender tears, snorting laughter, and profound awe are common. Then we do it all again the following week.

The focus of our work together will always be love, wholeness, and connection. I don't "fix" what's "broken," increase your sales at work, or push you bootcamp-style. We move at the speed of your nervous system and are guided by your unique desires. I facilitate you tapping into your body's wisdom, knowing yourself better, and experiencing the fullness and magic of this human life. 

I absolutely love holding space for

My Offerings

I am a holder of sacred spaces. I bring the transformational skills developed over 650 hours of training in Layla Martin's Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach, plus my own study of Irish pagan practices, my lived experience as a queer being, the careful discernment I cultivated from 20 years of lawyering, my loving presence as a mother, and as a co-creatrix of a 20 year relationship based on love, respect, and radical acceptance.

I am delighted to guide your path to sexual sovereignty, unconditional love, and eternal magic.

I work with womxn of all types, nonbinary and genderqueer folx. I do not work with cis men, but I have some spectacularly gifted referrals if you'd like them.

Curious about working together?