Embodiment & Liberation Coach

Located in California, available anywhere via zoom.



I am thrilled you are here. 

Whether you are ready to begin or feeling unsure, 

you are welcome.

What I Do

I guide you in compassionate exploration and courageous liberation. I offer both ancient and modern tools to gently uncover old patterns and integrate trauma, all while falling in love with your physical body and increasing pleasure. I am committed to holding space that is as safe as possible, trauma-informed, grounded, loving, and lighthearted

The focus of our work together will always be love, wholeness, and connection. I don't "fix" what's "broken," increase your sales at work, or push you bootcamp-style. We move at the speed of your nervous system and are guided by your unique desires. I facilitate you tapping into your body's wisdom, knowing yourself better, and experiencing the fullness and magic of this human life. 

I absolutely love holding space for

My Offerings

I am a holder of sacred spaces. I bring the transformational skills developed over 650 hours of training in Layla Martin's Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach, plus my own study of Irish pagan practices, my lived experience as a queer being, the careful discernment I cultivated from 20 years of lawyering, my loving presence as a mother, and as a co-creatrix of a 20 year relationship based on love, respect, and radical acceptance.

I am delighted to guide your path to sexual sovereignty, unconditional love, and eternal magic.

I work with womxn of all types, nonbinary and genderqueer folx. I do not work with cis men, but I have some spectacularly gifted referrals if you'd like them.

Curious about working together? 

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